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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dizzy Miss Lizzy / Lucille

Nice live recording by Lee Bell at the Hull Ave.  Photos are from a years worth of showcases.  hard to believe that we have been playing the blues on Sunday night for over a year!  Thanks to all our fans and the Blues Army of Des Moines for keeping the show alive!  As Johnny says we love to play the blue for you!

Number nine

Big Daddy Denis Kane and John East blasting out Number Nine at the Hull Ave.  A couple of Saylorville Sliders or at least thats the band they had a couple of years ago:-)

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Scotty and the wingtips

One of the oldest blues bands in Des Moines.  Scotty and the wingtips keep it going with three original members!  Scott Hartung, Mike Tyler, and Ernie Terrell.  This is the small band without the horn and keyboard section.  Always a good time.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Dr. Feel Good (Sam Salomone, John Kizilarmut, Janey Hooper, Rod Leaverton)

Amazing Janey Hooper, and Sam Salomone. Sammy is the best keyboard player around. He has been sick for awhile, but slowly is making his way back on the scene. He is the best you need to catch him the next time he plays in town.

Sumpin Do with Janey Hooper

Janey Hooper, with JC Anderson, not Sumpin Do, probably their gig at the Elks though.

Poor boy by Curry Chris Harter

Curry Harter singing Poor Boy with some guy on the piano.

One Shot Deal: Memorial Day Weekend 2012, Marshalltown, IA #2 (+playlist)

One Shot deal, featuring Marshalltown legendary bluesman John Lukehart on guitar and vocals, and the late great Doc Lawson on the Keyboard! I was at that show, and it was great fun!

CtC/bella soul; "A Change Is Gonna Come"; 20120414; GDP VI Hotel Fort De...

Tina and Brandon from Bella Soul, with Christopher and the conquered. Very nice!!! Looks like this was at the Fort Des Moines

Soul Searchers-- Sen-Sa-Shun

the amazing Soul Searchers. Des Moines finest in 50s cool. They look the part, they sound the part, they are cool Daddy-O!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Holly Golightly Blues

My hit single with over 25,000 views:-) thanks to everyone who has viewed this! Don't ask me why this song is popular, or why my CD has been downloaded on multiple free download sites. I have no clue. I think it is a good Cd, but not worth all this attention.

Billylee Janey Group- Before You Accuse Me

Billylee Janey from 2010 playing Before You Accuse Me. A legend in Iowa Blues.

Bryce Janey Group "Bluesmore" Iowa Blues Festival

One of the great blues guitar players of the state Bryce Janey. First saw him in Kansas City when he was a kid in his parents band.

Kent Burnside and the New Generation | Deep Blues Festival |

another video of Kent Burnside. Stopped in at the Hull Ave Sunday night, before heading off to Europe. We will miss him while he is on tour. Glad to see that he is staying in Des Moines even with all of his success! We are blessed.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Rob Lumbard performs Snip ,Snip for "Old School"

Rob Lumbard was a very popular performer at the legendary pub Flanagans. He certainly became known for his humorous songs like the one above, but he is also an outstanding bluesman.

Dennis Kain - Dirty Diaper Blues

Dennis Kain one of the most eclectic performers in Des Moines. Plays delta blues to progressive rock. Get passed the instrumental, and you will be treated to a great acoustic blues song called Dirty Diaper blues. It is worth the wait.

Thats the blues to Me

Dennis Kain and myself playing an original song by Dennis called Thats the Blues to Me. It is about Jimmy Pyror, playing the blues, and life in general. Most of the pictures come from a fund raiser we had for Jimmy during the last year of his life. Jimmy was given the keys to the city on that day, which was very cool! A lot of musicians came out and played for Jimmy, and he performed most of the show while he was sick! As always with Jimmy the show came first.

Fat Tuesday & the Greasefire Horns - Little Bit

The Midnite Cowboy Jimmy Pyror. A true legend and bluesman. Came from Detroit to Des Moines in 1960 to play two weeks at Mel Harpers club in the old Bilikin Ballroom, and stayed for 45 years! Here he is playing with Fat Tuesday, and it is nice to see a quality video of him! This video brings back a lot of good memories.

SRTF ~ Steve Robinson & Big D ~ Voodoo Man ~ 2012

Big D is one of the truly legendary figures that people had talked about but rarely seen, until recently that is. He is now plays every weekend at Fat Tuesday's a cajin/New Orleans style restaurant on SE 9th in Des Moines. Big D new Jimmy Pryor back in Detroit. He was known for his blues in after hours joints in the inner city. I first heard about him from Billy Burch a sax player who spent many hours playing in after hour joints. I finally got to see him this Spring. Why he isn't in the Iowa blues Hall of Fame is a mystery to me.

Steve Robinson is also a local performer who I have only seen a couple of times. He is very good and plays a variety of music. He opened for our 420 show at the Hull Ave. Steve is extraordinarily talented you should check both of these guys out if you are ever in town.

Heath Allen/The Blue Band

Amazing Heath Allen singing Etta James' At Last. Yup, that one, and yup, he knocks it out of the park. Pure Talent.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Erick Hovey playing with the Blue Band

The gentlemen farmer from Badger Iowa, is without a doubt one of Iowa's best guitar players. Years ago Erick played a lot in Des Moines with Mooky Bird, and the Nightcrawlers.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jimmy Pryor When the Saints Go Marching In

The Late Great Jimmy Pryor and his amazing Kazoo singing with Fat Tuesday and the Greasefire Horns.

Not sure when or where this was recorded, but it is classic Jimmy!

Rock Island Rollers - "He's Back In Town" live in Memphis

Heath Allen singing He's Back in Town, great vocalist, and sax player. Features Justin Appel on Keyboards.

Backstage boogie band & norm

Iowa Blues Hall of famer Harlan Thomas on piano. Backstage Boogie band can get down and funky. Plus Harlan puts on a good show.

Steve E. George performing at Nolen Plaza

Very nice professional video of Steve George performing at Nolan Plaza, with Bob Pace. Two Iowa blues hall of famers for the price of one.


Kent originally born in Mississippi, but is a Iowan now. When he is not on the road you can catch him at the Hull Ave on Wednesday and Sunday nights. This video features DSMs own Emmitt Butts on bass. Kent is currently on the road promoting his newest CD The World Is So Cold. However, he said he would be back in a few months, so we look forward to his return.

Ritual Cafe Open Mic August '08

Big Daddy Dennis Kain with our own Norm Su on bass!!!!!! Playing I'll Cry Instead.

bella soul; "I'd Rather Go Blind"; 20110910 House of Bricks

Bella Soul featuring the vocals of Blues Diva Tina Haase Findley.

Steve E George - Hold On, I'm Comin' (Sam & Dave cover) 9-3-11

Iowa Blues Hall of Famer Steve George. The back up band I think is from Fairfield Iowa. Very Cool!!

hard times by Curry Chris Harter

To bad the audio is distorted. Curry has a nice voice, and I like this arrangement.

Tom Gary: Shake Rattle and Roll

Just a quick clip of what goes on at the Hull Ave on Sunday Nights. A lot of shaking, rattling and rolling:-)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Molly Nova

Molly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! Miss her a lot! Song is called Something for Nothing. Kinda of a ska, blues, mix. Molly lives somewhere in Minnesota, but she is still an Iowan in our hearts.

Bob Dorr and The Blue Band - Not Me

I have added Bob and the Blue Band to Des Moines bands because they have played in Des Moines probably more than their own home town of Cedar Falls. Plus Bob has done more for local bands with his old Down on the Corner radio show, and his current Blues Ave show on IPR.

Matt Woods and The Thunderbolts-- I Can't Quit You Baby

Monster guitar man Matt Woods.

Little Martha

Not a blues song, but a man who can play and sing the blues like the best of them. Plus this is a nice song:-)

Rob Lumbard - One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer

Rob Lumbard Des Moines premier blues guitar player.

Soul Searchers-- Side Tracked

One of the oldest blues bands in Des Moines. Find them every Thursday Night at the Greenwood Lounge.
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